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Happy day

Dear Aaron and Brian,

Papa Joe, my Dad, has four sisters. There is family folk lore when my Aunt Joyce was born(everybody’s favorite relative) Papa broke the phone when his wishes were dashed of a brother. Then he had two daughters, me, then Aunt Beth. Aunt Beth and I were married the same year 21 years ago, Aunt Beth in June and Dad an I in September.

Matt was born in April of 1994 and he made his first trip to Martha’s Vineyard in June of 1994 when he was 3 months old. I was pregnant with you Aaron and had morning sickness. I actually rode my bike off the ferry to our home in Edgartown. The following year, we had two babies, Matt was a toddler and Aaron you were 4 months old. Christopher joined us in 1997, and three years later we brought two new baby boys over on the Ferry in 2000. Brian, you were only 8 weeks old and Danny was 4 months. The house was full and crazy for many years! Trips to the park, and the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Mad Martha’s for ice-cream and the children’s beach. Later the Skate park, body surfing at South Beach and family whiffle and softball games. A few years back we started renting our own place right around the corner an extending our trip to two weeks for me<3

The past few years have brought girlfriends, new drivers to Chauffeur and independently go to our favorite restaurants, a trip into town or jumping off the bridge. It has been a very special family tradition Grammy and Papa Joe have created for us and I think it’s something that will grow in its appreciation and sweetness as you grow and mature. We are a lucky family indeed.

Papa Joe had four sisters, two daughters, then five grandsons. We all have 21 years of wonderful memories of an annual summer trip to Martha’s Vineyard of watching you grow in number and age. We are a blessed family. (Raise my Espresso Love coffee cup)To many more fond memories….

Love, Mom xxoo

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